What is Suhaila format?

Suhaila Salimpour has blended the belly dance she had learnt from her mother with her knowledge of Western dance forms (ballet, jazz, street dance, etc. ) and she has designed a revolutionary bellydance technique, in which each movement is broken down into muscular contractions.

As a result, one learns to isolate and coordinate the different parts of one’s body with infinite possibilities.

In level 1, students learn the foundational technique and terminology that is used in higher levels in both Suhaila and Jamila formats.

What is Jamila format?

Jamila format got its name after the mother of Belly Dance in America, Jamila Salimpour. Her technique sowed the seeds for both American Cabaret and Tribal belly dance styles.

She was the first teacher to break down and name the steps of what she called “la danse orientale”. Steps such as the Turkish Drop,  3/4 shimmy, Maya or Basic Egyptian are all part of  Jamila´s terminology. Even Egyptian teachers use it!

Jamila is also know for her finger cymbal teaching method based on numbers, and for founding the oldest belly dance company in the world – Bal Anat.

In level 1 of Jamila format, students learn basic steps families and finger cymbal patterns.

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What is Core Dimension™?

Core Dimension™ is a collection of multidimensional workshops and seminars crafted to reconnect you with your essential and dynamic spirit. You’ll move, feel, speak, and discover your true nature and your core values.

Although Core Dimension has been created by a dancer, anyone can benefit. 

Suhaila’s exercises allow you to be in the moment and spark the energy you have inside yourself, even if you feel you might have lost touch with it along the way.