How do I get from the airport?

There are basically three different options you can use

  1. The cheapest and most convenient is to use public transport bus line 119 and change to metro line A at Veleslavín. It is the terminal stop for the bus. 
  2. You can also take the airport bus to get to the main train station but if you´re going to your hotel/AirBnb, then option one would be much more suitable. This is also a bit more expensive and you´d have to purchase a special ticket. 
  3. If you feel like you want extra comfort, use Uber or a taxi
Public transport in Prague

The easiest and quickest way to travel around Prague is the metro. Most of the important places in the city have a metro station within walking distance. The metro has 3 lines, all of them cross in the city centre, nothing complicated 😉

Read more and get a plan here.

If you need to go further from the metro, there are trams and buses. The best website to check the timetable and plan the journey is this one.Change for English at the bottom right. 

You can use this site for any city in the Czech Republic as well as buses and trains around the country. This site is available as an app for smartphones 🙂

Google Play


Where do I get tickets for public transport?

Tickets are sold by the Visitor Centre, Prague Public Transit company counters at Arrival Halls, available from ticket machines located around Terminals 1 and 2 Arrival Halls and directly at bus stops. The ticket machines usually accept coins only, so it is always better to buy the tickets in a shop. Some machines are equipped with card readers so you can also pay by card. If you are already in the city, all the cigarette and newspaper shops sell tickets too.

We recommend buying the 72 hrs ticket – it costs about 12 euros. The ticket is valid from the point when you first mark it. Don´t forget to keep it with you 😉

Is it safe to use Uber?

We recommend using Uber instead of the regular taxis. Uber in Prague is not only cheap but also reliable. We´ve never noticed a problem with Uber drivers here. From the airport Uber would cost you around 300-400,- Czk (the price of one good lunch). 

If you are using a regular taxi, agree on the price beforehand. Sometimes when they see you are a foreigner, they extend your journey so that you pay more.

There is also a taxi company called Liftago, which umbrellas regular taxi drivers but you have much more control over the price and you see where you´re driver is. You´re using an app like for Uber.

The advantage of Liftago over Uber is that you can order your taxi on a specific time and you can also choose your car (maybe you need a bigger one for more people). It is more expensive than Uber but it can be even more reliable, especially very late at night/early morning.  

How do I exchange money?

The currency is called koruna (crown). 1 Euro is between 25-26,- Kc, 1 Dollar is 22-23,- Kc and 1 Pound is 28-29,- Kc.  You can get a single ticket for public transport for 24,- Kc. Lunch will cost you between 200-300,- Kc depending on where and what you eat. Fast foods or bistros are about 150-200,- Kc.

Do not change money at the airport or train station – high fee. 

Check out these two episodes of the Honest Guide. They´re an absolute must-watch for everyone if you do not want to lose a lot of money. 


Map with fair exchange places here


What do I need to see in Prague?

We recommend the  the whole YT channel of Honest Guy. This man has the best travel tips!!

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A few tips how to avoid scams

We always say that Czech Republic is very cheap for foreigners. While that is definitely true, there are unfortunately many people who may try and scam you. We mentioned these in the respective sections above but here´s a brief summary:

  • Taxi
  • Money exchange
  • Food stalls

Here´s a whole playlist for that from Honest Guide 😛